The FrameBase code is available in Assembla.. Currently all modules are licensed under a GPL v3+ license.

The modules currently available are the following:

  • FrameBase Access. It allows users to create FrameBase IRIs from components of related datasets such as WordNet and FrameNet, and conversely, to obtain information about the resources associated to IRIs. In the near future it will allow accessing the whole FrameBase schema in Java.
  • FrameBase Access Extension. Extends ``FrameBase Access'' with wrappers designed for specific libraries accessing the related datasets, such as JWI for WordNet and FrameNetAPIx for FrameNet. This reduces ambiguity related to String formatting but requires using these specific libraries.
  • FrameNetAPIx. This is just the FrameNetAPI by Niels Reiter, with a few modifications that are quite small but nevertheless necessary for some parts of the FrameBase code to work.

You can find more information in the README files of each module.

The Javadocs are available here.